“Amberlough” Review

“The orchestra hit a beat, the fans snapped shut, and for half a moment they both struck a tantalizing pose. Not quite long enough to see exactly what they were or were not showing, but long enough to make everyone in the audience wonder. Then the lights went out and the crowd screamed for more.” […]

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“The Goblin Emperor” Review

“When he opened his eyes, he looked around at the cool darkness, this well of silence, the weight of rock and loneliness and thought ‘this is what it is to be emperor’” Lately I’ve been craving a good politically focused fantasy story, so the premise of this novel definitely caught my attention as something I […]

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“The Palace Job” Review

“It seemed that Loch was a feather, not a rock. If you wanted to catch a rock somebody had thrown, you grabbed fast and hard to make sure you got hold of it. But with a feather, you watched carefully, spread your hands, and waited.” I was very excited when I finally found a copy […]

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“The Last Unicorn” Review

“The true secret in being a hero lies in knowing the order of things. The swineherd cannot already be wed to the princess when he embarks on his adventures, nor can the boy knock on the witch’s door when she is already away on vacation. The wicked uncle cannot be found out and foiled before […]

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“Witches Abroad” Review

“You cant go around building a better world for people. Only people can build a better world for people . Otherwise it’s just a cage. Besides, you don’t build a better world by choppin’ heads off and giving decent girls away to frogs.” I had to read this book a few years ago for a […]

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“The Bone Mother” Review

“I felt a warmth all around me, as if I was drifting in spring water, gentle hands cradling my head and neck, lovingly guiding me out into the middle of a midnight lake under a sky full of stars. And then the hands, so many hands, reached up from under the water’s surface, and clutched […]

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